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Quiz - Mercedes in F1

Mercedes have quickly become one of the most successful teams in F1 history, dominating the turbo hybrid era that began in 2014, but they enjoyed brief success in the 1950s too. Challenge yourself with this quiz about all things Silver Arrows!


  1. What season did Mercedes first race in F1?

  2. True or False - Juan Manuel Fangio was the only driver to win a race for Mercedes in the 1950s?

  3. Which team did Mercedes supply engines to in 1994, before supplying McLaren from 1995-2014?

  4. At what track was Mercedes' first win as a works team since returning to F1 in 2010?

  5. How many races did Michael Schumacher retire from in 2012 - 3, 5 or 7?

  6. Lewis Hamilton clinched the 2014 drivers title at the final race of the season at Abu Dhabi. What made this particular race completely unique to any other in history?

  7. Hamilton had an engine failure while leading the 2016 Malaysian GP, which ended up being crucial in his title fight against Nico Rosberg, but who won the race?

  8. How many times has Valtteri Bottas won the opening race of the season?

  9. Hamilton won the 2018 German GP, but what position did he start the race?

  10. How many drivers titles have been won (in any car) by drivers that have driven for Mercedes (in both eras)?

(Answers below the picture)


  1. 1954

  2. False (Stirling Moss won one race in 1955)

  3. Sauber

  4. Shangai/China 2012 (Nico Rosberg)

  5. 7

  6. Double points were awarded

  7. Daniel Ricciardo

  8. Twice - Australia 2019 and Austria 2020

  9. 14th

  10. 20 (Hamilton 7, Schumacher 7, Fangio 5, Rosberg 1)

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