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Quiz: F1 Stand Ins

It's very rare that you find an F1 season without driver changes at some point, whether enforced or not. Test yourself with this challenging quiz on driver stand-ins - it's safe to say some drivers were more successful than others...Answers beneath the photo!


  1. Pedro De La Rosa filled in for the injured Juan Pablo Montoya at McLaren in 2005 after an alleged motorbike accident - but what reason did Montoya offer for the cause of his injury?

  2. Which driver stood in for Gehard Berger for three races in 1997, finishing on the podium in the third of these races at Silverstone?

  3. Which driver did Jacques Villeneuve replace at Renault for the final three races of the 2004 season, after they fell out with team boss Flavio Briatore?

  4. Which driver replaced Villeneuve at BMW following the German GP in 2006 (and kept the seat for the rest of the season and beyond)?

  5. Mario Andretti stood in for two races at Ferrari and in one race for which other team during the 1982 season?

  6. Which driver replaced Kimi Raikkonen, sidelined due to back surgery for two races in 2013 at Lotus?

  7. Ralf Schumacher was injured in a heavy crash at the 2004 US GP, and was replaced by Antonio Pizzonia and which other driver?

  8. Nico Hulkenberg stood in for Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll at Racing point over 3 weekends in 2020 after both drivers contracted Covid 19. What was Hulkenberg's highest qualifying position of the season?

  9. Which driver made their F1 debut as a stand in for Jordan in 2003, at their home track?

  10. Mark Blundell raced the first two races of 1995 for McLaren instead of Nigel Mansell - but for what bizarre reason?


  1. Playing Tennis

  2. Alex Wurz

  3. Jarno Trulli

  4. Robert Kubica

  5. Williams

  6. Heikki Kovalainen

  7. Marc Gene

  8. 3rd (During the 50th Anniversary GP at Silverstone)

  9. Zsolt Baumgartner (at the Hungarian GP)

  10. Mansell was too wide to fit in the car

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